P1 Restaurant and catering service

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the vocational qualification in restaurant and catering services. 

The cook who have completed the competence area of food services, works in restaurants, catering sector, staff canteens, cafés, catering service companies and institutional kitchens. 

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Semifinals are not organized to international competitors.


The page will be launched in March 2022.


The results will be published after the final.

Description of the skill category

A cook knows how to work in food preparation tasks at restaurants with different business ideas or missions or in public sector units. 

A cook prepares tasty, nutritious and wholesome food, taking special diets into account. To Set out food as individual plated dishes or dishes for a large group of customers is familiar. 

In food preparation tasks a cook can use and adjust recipes. A cook works in a customer service oriented, responsible, profitable and productive manner as well as in compliance with sustainable operating practices. 

When preparing the dishes, a cook considers requirements of hygiene, an environmental aspect, occupational safety, self-monitoring and co-operation. 

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the requirements and criteria of “satisfactory” in vocational qualification in restaurant and catering services, competence area of food services (Cook). The tasks are planned in cooperation with working life. 

Competition is a two-day long pair competition. One competition pair from the same unit of an educational institution can enroll in semifinals of this skill category. 

A competitor shall have working clothes provided by his/her own educational institute. Use of personal assistive devices is allowed in case it have been announced in advance or defined in the rules. 

TaitajaPLUS skills for students with special needs 

TaitajaPLUS-categories are without age limit, and they are open for students with the decision on special support. 

The competition is a pair competition.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks and assessment criteria correlate with the requirements for the grade satisfactory (T1) of the compulsory units of the qualification. 

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