203 Print Design

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in media and visual expression.  The qualification titles of the basic qualification are mediapalveluiden toteuttaja (implementer of media services) and kuvallisen ilmaisun toteuttaja (implementer of visual expression).

The professional who have completed this qualification may be employed according to the competence area for example by the public sector, companies, other media communities or operators, or they may work as entrepreneurs or in a self-employed capacity.

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Semifinals are not organized to international competitors.


The page will be launched in March 2022.


The results will be published after the final.

Description of the skill category

The skill category is based on the requirements of the Vocational qualification in media and visual expression as well as the requirements of working life for a young worker.  The qualification title is mediapalveluiden toteuttaja (implementer of media services). The assessment is based on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the Vocational qualification in media and visual expression. A competitor shall be able to produce diverse publications in the media field, such as printing and digital publications as well as produce plans regarding projects on vehicle, textile and spatial planning. Moreover, cooperation and interaction skills as well as entrepreneurship are emphasised in the profession.

The competition is individual.

Skill requirements

The competence requirements are based on the Vocational qualification in media and visual expression, on the requirements of ”Excellent” among other in the following units:

  • management and joint use of graphics, image editing and desktop publishing programs
  • appropriate use of vector images and raster graphics
  • file management in accordance with quality requirements of printing technology
  • basics of typography
  • production of information graphics
  • production of artwork and picture material
  • use of colour profiles for different printing techniques
  • digital printing
  • production of material for www-pages and reading devices
  • edition and production of the moving picture

In addition, a successful competitor masters:

  • skills and visual skills of the work
  • theoretical knowledge of the profession
  • planned working
  • independent working
  • customer service skills and entrepreneurship
  • cooperation skills
  • occupational safety and ergonomics
  • ecology and sustainable development
  • problem-solving skills

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